The setting for our heavy horse experiences is Whasdyke Farm – a traditional Lakeland fell farm. Both the field barn and cow byres are made from traditional Lakeland slate, and the byres are a reminder of by gone days when this farm would have had a small dairy herd. Now we farm sheep and beef cattle.
As the crow flies we are only one mile from Windermere village but as a small hill rises between we have a wonderful sense of seclusion here, surrounded by fells and a network of single-track lanes. We see very little traffic up here, (and then it’s usually as someone’s Sat Nav has had a melt down).
We introduced Clydesdales back to Whasdyke in 2012, which is particularly poignant as our neighbouring farmer told us that our farm was the last in the area to use heavy horses before the introduction of the tractor.
We’d like to give you a glimpse of what life is like at Whasdyke through-out the year, and if you’ve booked a ‘Hands on’ Experience, what it could be like when you visit the boys. Browse through the images in the gallery below or click the main image for a larger image – full text about that month will appear under the image when your cursor is on the image.