Why do the British find the weather so fascinating?
The horses have only just this week started sleeping in over night, we have never made it to November before. I think we could have carried on to be honest as we are having such a lovely prolonged dry spell, but the lack of grass would be a problem soon. As it is, the horses start whinnying for attention about 4.30pm (when I say horses of course I mean Ferdy, never one to keep his feelings hidden) so we bring them in, give them a hard feed and huge hay net and all is well in their world. As I was pondering this thought I had to reflect back on what an astonishing year weather wise we have had here in the Lake District this year.  2018 will definitely go down in Whasdyke farm folk law.
In March we had the ‘Beast from the East’, then 2 weeks later a repeat performance (the weather men said ‘the Beasts little brother’ …. it felt like his twin to us).
This weather phenomenon nearly broke us….. minus 10 for 3 days, all external water pipes frozen. We had to carry buckets of water from the house for 110 expectant ewes, 26 cows, calves and a bull, and of course the boys. It was never ending, we had to give ourselves breaks every couple of hours to thaw our hands and trousers out! Then start the whole process again.
Then after such a dramatically long cold winter we were rewarded with a very short spring and straight into summer. Now I am a sun worshiper so I will never be heard to complain about prolonged hot weather…. so 14 weeks without rain and tropical temperatures should be heaven to the likes of me, however we are back to the old issue of watering all those animals.
We have a well, a small reservoir, a bore hole and live in one of the wettest counties in the country so having to tanker in water is a novelty for us. Four weeks into the drought I had to stop watering the garden (the allotment was saved from this neglect) as our well was empty. The little reservoir dried up soon after and John spent his summer carting containers of water around the fields. The bore hole didn’t fail us but this supplies the house only so the dish washer was made redundant and we became a shower only house hold.
I’m waiting with baited breath to see what this winter has in store for us…

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