Last Christmas I discovered something that has changed the way I work with our horses for ever…
I spotted a video on line showing 15 to 16 horses one by one coming to lie down with a man in field. It was remarkable and I knew it was very unusual, I needed to know more! I discovered it was called the Trust Technique by an amazing man called James French. I signed up for the on line course and tentatively started practising the technique with our horses.
When I heard about a local lady who teaches the same technique I couldn’t believe my luck….. and so started a new friendship for both me and our boys. Katherine Beaumont has been coming weekly since February and spending hours of total silence in the stables and fields building a real connection and relationship with our horses and being mentor to me.
This technique relies on you allowing yourself to think of nothing and being quiet in your mind, Katherine takes it further and meditates with them. The response from the horses is instant, they start to lick their lips and chew, they droop their heads as they get calmer and get to the point where they can’t keep their eyes open, if in the field they may get down on the ground and go to sleep.
You may wonder what the point of all this is, well I now have 4 very calm horses…. always a benefit, and our relationship is much more trusting of each other.
Win win!


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