Our cross country driving course is up and running…
We bought a two wheel buggy for Paddy this summer, its chunky tyres wouldn’t look out of place on a giant mountain bike. It’s so perfect for off roading that we have created a cross country course in one of our meadows. It’s a big field that has lots of wooded areas and ups and downs so it has formed a really interesting combination of turns, short up hill spurts using trees as gates to drive through and then flatter areas for a faster pace.
We plan to use this for our full day driving experiences, so when clients first get to sit in the carriage and have the driving reigns in their hands they don’t have to worry about meeting traffic or negotiating junctions etc. They can just concentrate on getting to grips with steering the carriage and practising verbal commands and by using different coloured tape tied around trees we’ve created a beginner route and a more challenging one for confident drivers.
Paddy loves it, he’s really enjoying the challenge and change of pace that the new course creates and because it’s laid out in such a way that it can be driven differently every time he isn’t getting bored with it or anticipating his next move.
Very much looking forward to next season and unveiling it to clients.

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