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Forgive me Father for I have sinned……..

For 5 years I have coveted my neighbours barn owls, both of them! Blackmoss is 2 fields away and every year they have baby barn owls flying around their yard and squawking in all their out buildings, they are astonishing!

Outrun nook over the hill also has a resident family every year and when you walk past their house the owl box is just above and all the noises of the happy brood can be heard. So it seems grossly unfair that we plonk in the middle get forgotten as a possible home to these exquisite birds.

Our owl box has been put up and then re housed 4 times to try and find the best location but now suddenly out of the blue we seem to have a male in our stone barn. We know this because we keep finding surprising large droppings in the feed room which is part of the barn. (Haven’t been remotely tempted to do what any self respecting Ornithologist would do and inspect the droppings to see what he’s been eating). We are a little worried as 2 falcons have also taken up residence in the same barn and not sure if this will put off Barney as we now call him. The plan is to move said box again and put it up in the barn to give Barney some privacy from the pesky falcons…. fingers crossed. It’s unlikely we will have any young as the males roust away from the main nest so he’s obviously sussing us out as a possibility as Mrs. Barney will no doubt be down the road at Blackmoss… I’ll keep you posted.

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