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We have calves… 3 in fact

We knew something was afoot when the cows started bellowing at 3.00 o’clock one morning. John crossed the yard, torch in hand to have a ‘recky’ and sure enough there was a new born calf steaming in the clean straw.

Thankfully the mother had had a calf before so it wasn’t in shock… when the heifers have a calf it’s their first and they can be really surprised and even roughly push the calf away not wanting to take responsibility for it.

However, as the first three calves born have been to cows the heifers will have an idea of what to do by now. John separates them off for a day or two so mother and calf can bond but once it’s clear there isn’t a problem with feeding and both are well, he will put all the mothers and young in one pen like a nursery (the calves make friends and very quickly start running around the pen together looking mischievous) we expect one a week now through till the end of April, 14 are due unless we are fortunate enough to have twins which would be fantastic. Hamish the bull has proved himself a good investment as all the cows he ran with are expectant mother’s. Well done Hamish.

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