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We are blessed with a winter wonderland!

Christmas was a soggy one but a couple of days before new year we got snow…. it lasted till the evening and then turned to rain, however for that day it was an absolutely glorious snowy paradise.

We put the horses out for a frolic which is always entertaining, they snort with excitement all they way to the field and getting the head collars off can be tricky as they are so enthusiastic to be away, they jump about and buck like young foals then gallop around the field… they’d lie down and do snow angels if they could. Once they have settled down the reality of no food kicks in and they start pawing the ground trying to find something to eat. Queue John, he arrives with the quad bike and a trailer full of hay, and horses and sheep alike follow him and fight it out for their share of the feed.

John would do this anyway as there is very little grass at this time of year and all the animals need supplementary feed, but it is so much more appreciated on a snowy day and all the animals look excited to see him.

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