24 yeh we have eggs and they are blue blog web ready
Yeh! We have eggs and they are blue!

John dashed off to the auction one day as there was a Poultry sale on, so I got a lovely surprise and so did our existing hens Henrietta and Bella. New hens can be tricky to integrate with existing ones as they are notorious for pecking each other, so we set up a pen in one of the out buildings where we separated them with a sheep hurdle. For a couple of days they could eye each other up and cluck greetings but that was it, when they had convinced us that there wouldn’t be hen carnage we took the separating hurdle away and they settled down together fine. Phew!

A week later they went out the their hen house in the planting, once supplied with layers pellets, a little corn weekly and the all important grit (they need this to produce the shells) they have now started laying, not bad as the weather is cold and we thought it might be spring before we saw any.

They love their planting as it is covered in moss which they can scratch away to reveal all kinds of hidden goodies, the trees give them shelter if it’s windy or wet and they seem to be in hen heaven.

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