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New kid on the block

We are chuffed to have a new team member, Claire is Studying at Newton Rigg (an agricultural collage at Penrith). She is doing work experience with us for the next 2 years…. welcome Claire.

This is a mutual benefit for us both as we have another set of hands and Claire gets hands on experience with our boys. She is an accomplished rider but hasn’t had the opportunity to long reign or learn to Carriage drive so we are working on that to start with. Long reigning is a great way to keep the horses and us exercised, flexible and keeps the skills needed for the Carriage fresh in their minds. For new drivers it’s so much easier to learn the subtle movements of the horse and his reactions to your instructions when you are on the ground behind them rather than having to worry about a Carriage as well.

When the snow and ice finally disappear we will get the carriage out and give Claire a ride out and a feel for that.

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