22 14 Nov 2017 walking in woods blog web ready
Something stirring in the woods

Our cows are now grazing in the wood, giving the local dog walkers a fright I suspect. It is an important part of the husbandry of the wood, the cows eat back the dead ferns and other foliage opening up the ground in the spring for wild garlic and bluebells etc. to come through. They seem to love it as well as the trees give them plenty of cover from the never ending rain showers. Farmer John will bring in half the cows in a week or two, these will be the earliest ones to calf, so he can supplement their feed and keep his eye on them.

The others can stay out in the wood a bit longer and clear the wood floor. We went into the wood with the quad bike to do some tidying work, the cows heard us coming and expecting a bag of food followed us over the whole wood like a pack of well trained dogs.

It does make the wood a no go area for one of our horses Sam as he has an unexplained terror of all things bovine, should a calf stamp a foot in an assertive gesture we would have to depart at great speed, thankfully he is the only one and the other horses are unfazed when we come across the herd in the trees.

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