20 14 Oct 2017 new hens meeting old blog web ready
Great Eggs-pectations

Our gorgeous hens are settled in and growing in size and confidence, no eggs yet but anytime soon. They are blessed with, in hen terms, wonderfully large scrubby planting to scrat around. So when we came back from a weekend away to find only 2 out of 6 hens in their house, gutted doesn’t cover it. (We had enrolled a hen sitter so no neglect occurred). There was no evidence of feathers in the enclosure so not Foxy Loxy, to be honest we have no idea what happened. Feathers where found 2 fields away so a sticky end can only be imagined, but how they got out and not back in is a mystery. The 2 remaining hens stick together and are very cautious, so to encourage eggs we have put the softness hay in their house we can find instead of straw, and a trick rubber egg to get them broody….. Not worked yet but here’s hoping.

There doesn’t seem to be any breeders with chicks at the moment so it looks like the new year before we can get some company for Henrietta and Bella. I thought we would be giving eggs away like mad by now but still live in hope.

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