18 14 Sept Our Blind riders just setting off web ready
A new challenge

This week we had a Whasdyke first. We had a lady and gentleman who were both registered blind…. totally blind.

In truth we have been in training for their visit as they needed to be led from horse back and this wasn’t something we had done with our boys. So for the last couple of months we have been out on hacks leading each other or even taking a spare horse on a hack just to practise lead rope skills. We also have been riding short distances with our eyes shut to get the sensation of riding blind, this is really horrid as motion sickness kicks in pretty quick.

By the time our lovely clients arrived we were all prepared. The yard had been raked for larger stones, other tripping hazards removed and a pen was set up for their gorgeous dogs. We had a fabulous day, the lady and gentleman were so much fun, with a wonderful happy outlook on life. They were so inspirational, taking a huge leap of faith in both us and our horses, massive respect to them both.

We groomed, tacked up, rode, washed horses, fed horses, fed us and had a great time, and it was so lovely to see their lovely working dogs have a day off too, running around our fields exploring off their leads. They visit Windermere 3 times a year so hoping that was the first of many days with us and the boys.

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