17 1 Sept Paddy getting a new set of Jimmy Choos blog web ready
First aid

We had a drama this morning. The vet was due at 9.00 to check over the horses and our establishment to renew our license, so all the horses needed to come in for a quick groom ready for inspection. Poor Paddy limped across the field to us looking very sorry for himself. On a positive note he couldn’t have timed it better as the farrier was also due at 9.00 so 2 experts to narrow down the problem, it didn’t take them long.

The farrier has a large set of pincers which he uses to squeeze the hoof which seems to be causing the problem, sure enough Paddy flinched which is a sure indicator that he has an abscess. The farrier has to relieve the building pressure by paring out a hole in the hoof (same as putting a hole in a finger nail when a blood blister causes pain). When something wet and smelly comes out its obvious that the abscess has been located and can now be treated. A poultice is put on, (something like wet cotton wool, then a bandage, then gaffer tape) and this is repeated a couple of times a day. The reality is every couple of hours as Paddy keeps pawing it off.

3 days stable rest and the farrier is back to check the patient over, thankfully all’s good and he can now have his new set of shoes on. Phew!

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