16 14 Aug Hens day web ready

Hen Pecked!

Since moving into Whasdyke farm five years ago I have been desperate to get hens. For lots of perfectly good reasons it wasn’t the right time to get more dependants, so I had reconciled myself that we would never have fresh free range eggs. Then out of the blue with no nagging… honest… it’s decided that we could clear a small planting behind the barn, a gate is installed in the dry stone wall and a hen house ordered… blimey!

Farmer John went to a hen breeder near Wigton and came back with 6 hens, 3 Tufty Belles (brown) and 3 Marans (black). They are young birds so we won’t have eggs for a few weeks. It’s important that the hens understand that the hen house is home and tuck themselves up at night, so should Foxy Loxy come they are safe. We put a small temporary chicken wire run up in front of their house so when they felt brave they could come out and explore, after a few days we extended this so they could go further a field.

Now they have the full planting to explore, scratch and call home, and they roost every night at dusk before the battery powered door slowly closes and keeps them safe till the morning. All that remains to do is come up with names, Tufty and Belle seem like obvious choices for starters!

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