15 1 August 2017 Web Ready
Flower Power

At the beginning of June I was describing how we were ‘long reigning’ young Paddy, well he has now moved onto the carriage and both he and us are improving with every trip out. To build up his stamina and physical strength we started him with 2 passengers, (the driver and the gate opener). After 3 weeks of this we are now introducing passengers, it is interesting to see that his stopping distances are so much shorter when trotting up hills with the third person on board, but bit by bit he’ll build strength and go further.

He is so much more focused now and snatching at foliage for a snack is a thing of the past, nothing seems to spook him so we are confident next year he will be taking clients on trips impressing them with the views and his steady nature.

I use these drives out as an opportunity to plait his mane and get him use to the extra fussing, whatever flowers are out in the garden get picked and plaited in. The agreement is he will tolerate such girlie embellishments as long as he gets to eat the flowers at the end!

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