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Shearing time on the farm

So the sheep shearer was booked 3 weeks ago, but he got behind on his previous farm and nudged us to the Wednesday. This wasn’t a problem except it rained for about 15 minutes in the middle of the night so heavily that all the sheep’s fleece were soaked, we then went on for 3 weeks trying to find a day when we had a 24 hour totally dry spell. It has been really hot and the poor sheep have struggled with their heavy coats so we changed strategy and separated the lambs off their mums for the night and kept the ewes indoors to guarantee a dry fleece (the lambs don’t get shorn in their first year).

The shearers arrived at 7am on the dot, and set up their purpose built trailer to start the process of clipping both our sheep and those of our neighbours.

The noise is a cacophony of bleating sheep, loud shearing equipment and the music of choice from the shearer’s iPod (it’s always something loud, fast and motivates speed….. Tina Turner this year!).

Once under way the women folk…. me and the lady next door.. start rolling the fleeces up at the same pace as the guys are shearing and heaven forbid we should fall behind and a back log of wool builds up. These rolls are put in huge white sacks and are sewn up to be delivered to the wool collection point.

Once out the other end of the process, the skinny looking ewes are reunited with their anxious lambs and normality resumes.

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