12 14 June 2017 WEB READY CROP
Swallows & Amazons

The baby swallows fledged today…. It may have been slightly premature, I walked into the out building which they have called home for the last couple of weeks. As the nest is only just above head height I was all the incentive three of them needed to take that leap of faith and fly out of the doorway chirping their alarm. The little ones left behind ducked low, hiding in the now spacious nest hoping not to be seen. I could hear the adults protests as they flew around trying to gather together their brood. This nest is used every year by the same birds and will probably be the nest they were born in.

The house martins have started from scratch this year, building their home under the eves of our roof, giving it protection and a ceiling. They have been so un lucky as the first weekend they had completed the nest we had a thunderstorm of monsoonal proportions, tucked away as it was it still suffered and half the wall fell away. It took 3 days to repair, then they lost a batch of eggs as a magpie broke in and damaged the nest again, I found the eggs in my window box when I watered it. It seems tough raising a family when so many elements are against you!

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