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A long reign

Last year our young horse Paddy was sent off to be broken in (an unfortunate term from the days when the horses spirit was literally broken) as we want to drive him he was taught that too. Yesterday, a lovely lady and her husband came to give us all a refresher so we took Paddy out on long reigns. This must seem odd to any onlookers as you have to run along behind the horse with very long reigns and looks like you have forgotten the carriage! However it is really important that the horse is totally comfortable with verbal commands as without a rider, walk,trot,halt and stand all have to be spoken…not to mention turn and back!! So long reigns give you the chance to practise but without the added complication of the carraige.

In a couple of weeks we will have refresher lesson number 2 and can progress but until then our neighbours might think we’ve lost the plot.

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