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Beating a path

We are still blessed with the most gorgeous weather, so this weekend we are doing outdoor chores. Our friend and all round good egg Bob has came to stay, the promise of a chainsaw and quad bike was the real attraction!!

We head off to the plantation and as the ferns are just shooting up now is a great opportunity to clear some paths for the horses to use this summer. Any young self seeded saplings or over hanging branches are cleared so our riders won’t be at risk of loosing their heads.

The plantation has 2 public footpaths running through it but as it’s 46 acres there is so much of it that only gets seen by the deer and the hares. We had a recky first to decide the obvious choice for a new path and then set too with saws and branch loppers. To be honest I was more help collecting up all the tree tubes from unsuccessful saplings that haven’t matured. In the winter the cows graze this planting and I imagine they have flattened these empty tubes and then they turn into dog toys (judging by the teeth marks!)

We had made great progress when the heavens opened and a much needed but ill-timed rain shower came on….. Well that’s the Lakes.

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