09 May 1 web ready CROP

Hamish the bull is now out on the fresh grass with the young heifers and has settled in well, (not sure the local dog walkers are too keen on our new arrival!)

I had to laugh at the cheek of two jackdaws this morning as the bull was lying down surveying him hareem, they sat on his back pecking out beakfuls of hair, he seemed oblivious. This soft and fluffy fleece is presumably destined to line their nests but rather them than me.

We had a plan to let all the cows and calves out with Hamish once they were all born, however as we a having such a fabulously dry spell we’ve let the cows with calves born so far out to graze, leaving the last 2 who seem to be hanging on.

When John opened the huge gates on their shed the cows got one sniff of the fresh green grass and bolted for it…. All thoughts of offspring had evaporated! The bewildered calves where too nervous to come out side alone and farmer John had to encourage them out from behind. Once on the new grass the little herd galloped bucked and frolicked just as the horses would have done.

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