08 April 14 otto and paddy WEB READY
Spring is in the air

As April has had a milder and dryer start than usual all the horses are now out day and night….. Joy, no more early morning mucking out and a month early!

To be fare there isn’t a huge amount of grass yet so there is a lot of lying flat out in the fields snoring, or dozing under the trees. We are still giving the boys a feed in the evening to boost their diet which Ferdy particularly appreciates, he greets us every evening with a long low rumbling whiney as he sees his tea approaching (Definitely cupboard love).

The first swallows have been sighted which really does confirm Spring is well on its way, they bring with them the anticipation of summer ahead. I always wonder at the incredible journey they have just undertaken, flying from Africa and over Islands such as Malta and Crete where large nets are put up to catch them to put in a local delicacy, pate. Argh! We treasure our summer visitors so much and yet other cultures see them as a twice yearly opportunity to feast. What a shame!

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