07 calf for 1 April WEB READY CROP
Mother’s Day

It’s out with the lambs and in with the calves and oh my days it started with drama!

Farmer John was doing his last checks of the night and knew by the bellowing from the cattle that something was going on. A young heifer had just birthed her first ever calf and clearly was confused as to what the new arrival was… It certainly had nothing to do with her! So she and her friends were rushing at the calf, knocking it over and barging the little thing into the railings. Talk about a baptism of fire, poor little thing. Hormones where running high and the chances of her calmly feeding her offspring was at that point nil.

So at midnight I was driving the deserted lanes to a neighbouring farm to scrounge some calf colostrum  which we bottle fed it, it just gave the little thing a boost until mum was happy to take over her responsibilities. 24 hours later all was calm, she had bonded and frankly she would have taken us out if we had got between her and her calf!

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