06 potting WEB READY CROP

Pottering around

Last year our tomato plants were struck with blight. Hardly surprising as it was mild but damp summer, bright sunny days being more of a novelty than usual. I’m no expert but it seemed to be a good year for blight. Having googled for help I realised that I’d have to disinfect my greenhouse thoroughly to prevent any dormant spores remerging again and ruining this seasons salads.

So last October dressed from head to foot in waterproofs, wellies and goggles and a hat I can only describe as a floral sou’wester I attacked the greenhouse with a plasterers brush and a bucket of Jayes fluid. ( I’m pleased to say there is no photographic evidence!) it wasn’t pleasant but had to be done.

So today in the knowledge that I’ve done my best to protect all my seedlings I’ve potted up this seasons cucumbers, tomatoes, peas, beans and the potatoes are chitting. Not to mention our giant sunflowers, daisies, sweet peas and stocks for the cutting garden. Now I’ve got to wait nervously for those first shoots to come through, and the anticipation of spring to come.

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