We have lambs

Bang on queue we have lambs. Triplets, which does mean work as the mum only has two teats and enough milk for twins. Farmer John has selected the the smallest and has put it in a straw bale enclosure under a heat lamp to keep it warm. It’s bottle fed every 4 to 5 hours and thriving. If we get a single lamb born soon we can adopt it to another mum, (in days gone by farmers would skin dead lambs and dress orphans in the skin to trick mothers into thinking it was their own lamb) I’m so glad to say that’s not necessary here as we have adopter pens. The mothers head is put into a special gate with food and water in front of her and the adopted lamb and her own offspring are put in the pen behind. She is blissfully unaware of the deception and usually excepts the orphan as her own, giving the orphan the best chance of a good start in life.

We also had the excitement of a smattering of snow today, which meant the ground was cold and firm enough for the horses to go out. They loved it, buckaroo, and frolics galore!!!

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