Feeling bullish

Well we have a new arrival, however not of the small cute and cuddly kind that you’d expect on the farm in early spring!

We have named him Hamish as he is a 1000kg Scottish bull and it suits him. Farmer John had a 11 hour round trip yesterday collecting him and he created quite a stir with the girls, (the trailer reversed in full view of the young heifers) as he emerged down the ramp the commotion began with loud bellows of approval and he of course responded like wise.

We did wonder how all this bullish testosterone would be greeted by the horses as for the moment they will be kept cheek and jowl in the big barn. Otto in true generous spirit excepted him with no fuss on the condition he shared his hay, Hamish looked a little cheated at this arrangement but he will have to get used to it as that is how things are here.

Sam I doubt will be quite so chilled as he has never forgiven the bovine species when a young calf stamped it’s hoof in a defiant act whilst looking at him. Sam was easily 5 times its body weight but he fled for his life and refuses to share a field let alone the barn!

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