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Changing rooms

The expectant ewes have come in from the winter frosts, they take priority now displacing the horses from their barn. The morning chores have just doubled as a hundred hungry sheep bleat as the barn lights go on before dawn. They get small pellets of feed tipped into metal troughs and to keep things calm John lets them out one pen at a time to feed, this also helps him to keep his eye out for sore feet and cloudy eyes which are both symptoms of sheep being inside and in closer proximity to each other than usual.

Ferdy was showing signs of boredom at the far end of the building, so I think for him rehousing has brought a new interest. We had just finished putting a roof and gate over an existing yard which has created a fabulous space with a view. He spends his evenings now watching the distant headlights on the main road a mile away, he doesn’t seem to tire from this and it has taken his mind off the long dark nights. He christened his new space in true Ferdy style… Never one to miss out on fluffy new bedding he got down and rolled on both sides with all four legs in the air. I think he is rather proud of his magnificent new loose box.

Sam is equally as pleased with the new sleeping arrangements, he alone remains with the sheep and has turned thief. The hay in their racks is far easier to access than plucking at a hay net so her robs them without a care.

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