02 14 Jan Cherry tree WEB READY CROP
Goodbye dear friend

Catastrophe has struck! The big old cherry tree with all it’s residents was felled by a gale last night. The most alarming consequence of this disaster, (apart from Mr. Woodpecker no longer having a home) is that it took our ancient and much loved damson tree with it.

Our Christmas festivities have been filled with its produce, damson ice cream on Christmas Eve, damson gin and Prosecco Christmas morning, damson gin on┬áice most nights, damson liqueur chocolates (present from the neighbours who had a share of the crop) and damson jam on toast every morning….. It’s fair to say that tree will be greatly missed.

The woodpecker is still a constant visitor to the nuts so at least he’s still around and has a reliable food supply, so it’s not all bad news but I hope he finds another home soon as we love seeing his offspring at the bird table in June.

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